Haval’s Long-Awaited Model Is Turned Out to Be an SUV

The Haval DaGou, a front-wheel-drive SUV, has become the main premiere at the Chinese motor show.

The new model has managed to surprise us.

Haval DaGou Haval DaGou

Initially, it was assumed that the new Haval DaGou would replace the Haval H5, a body-on-frame SUV. However, the new car has turned out to be an SUV with a load-bearing body and a transverse engine arrangement. According to the manufacturer, the car is built on a new platform with McPherson struts in the front and a multi-link transmission at the back. The vehicle presented at the exhibition is front-wheel drive.

Haval’s Long-Awaited Model Is Turned Out to Be an SUV photo 2

The ‘angry’ look of the DaGou fully corresponds to the name, which means «a big dog». The brutal appearance of the SUV is highlighted by unpainted bumpers and massive wheel arches. This can be attributed to its roof rails. It is worth noting that Phil Simmons, who previously worked with Land Rover, designed the new car.

What concerns the size of the new Chinese vehicle, it is comparable to the Nissan X-Trail or the Mitsubishi Outlander. Its overall length — 4,620 mm, width — 1,890 mm, height — 1,780 mm, wheelbase — 2,738 mm.

Haval’s Long-Awaited Model Is Turned Out to Be an SUV photo 3

The ‘angry’ atmosphere of the SUV is also present inside. The eye immediately falls on massive handrails on the roof pillars. There is a pocket for a bottle on each of the doors: they can be fixed with straps. The car also features a digital cockpit and a large-format infotainment system display, which also has a two-zone climate control. What is more, the Haval DaGou has got front seats with electric drive, a steering wheel with gearbox lobes, a two-story central tunnel, a rotary shifter, a panoramic roof and omnidirectional cameras.

Haval’s Long-Awaited Model Is Turned Out to Be an SUV photo 4

The standard version with a 1.5-liter 169-hp turbo petrol engine and a dual-clutch gearbox will be released first. Later, there will be a version with a new 2.0-liter turbo 4N20 V4 unit and an all-wheel drive system with a rear differential lock.

Haval DaGou Haval DaGou

The Haval DaGou will be released in China the late fall. In all likelihood, its prices and configuration will be announced closer to the start of sales.

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