Kia's Huge SUV Targets the Japanese Market

The Kia Mohave Gravity is well prepared to compete with Toyota and Nissan. It has a cool-looking design, modern technologies, and a great price.

You might have forgotten about the rather interesting Kia Mohave, which was released in 2008. Not so long ago, the car underwent a deep restyling, after which it received a new aggressive design and a completely different interior. Now, the model has received its coolest modification.

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The new Kia Mohave Gravity has taken the place of the top performance model and has got its own front grille and new 20-inch wheels. The interior features Alcantara-trimmed elements (a steering wheel, a central armrest, and door panels) and an expanded illumination set. If the standard SUV offers beautiful LED strips only on the front panel, then the Gravity has them on the doors as well.

The list of additional equipment includes advanced options: a 12.3-inch touchscreen, a digital dashboard, a projection display, ACC, a lane departure warning system, Blind Spot Assist and Collision Prevention Assist.

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There is still only one engine — a V6 diesel unit with a power output of 260 hp and 560 Nm. It is paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission. The car also has an advanced all-wheel drive system that offers driving modes on snow, sand and mud. But this can be found in the standard Kia Mohave.

The cheapest five-seat Kia in a special version will cost $45,500, the configuration with seven seats — $46,000. The most expensive is a six-seat SUV with the most comfortable separate seats in the second row. Its price is $46,300.

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It is interesting that the company experimented with hydrogen technologies and introduced the corresponding concept, the Kia Borrego Fuel Cell (the model was presented only in some markets under this name) back in 2008. It had a 820-km drive range after full refueling, but this vehicle did not go into production. Now you know.

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