New Nissan Z Proto Presented

The Z Proto is a harbinger of a production model that will replace the 370Z.

Nissan has unveiled a running prototype of the Z Proto, a precursor to the next production Z-Series model, which will replace the current 370Z. Following the trends, the prototype is designed in a retro style with an eye on earlier coupes, such as the 280Z. The new vehicle is driven by a turbo V6 in tandem with a manual transmission.

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The Nissan Z Proto is designed by a team of Japanese designers led by Cuban-American Alfonso Albaisa, a former Infiniti designer. Some elements in the exterior refer to early Z-series models: for example, new headlights are a modern interpretation of the 240Z’s ones, and the rear end of the prototype is a free quote of the 300ZX from the end of the last century.

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Its dimensions are already announced: length – 4,382 mm, width – 1,850 mm, and height – 1,310 mm. Thus, the prototype is larger than the current 370Z.

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The future sports car is still in development. It is known that the production model will receive a supercharged engine (the first for the Z-series in several decades): this will be a turbo V6, presumably with a volume of three liters and a power output of 405 hp. In addition to a six-speed manual gearbox, it will come with an automatic transmission.

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If the information about the powertrain is confirmed, the new vehicle will be more powerful than the 370Z, which is equipped with a 3.7-liter 337-hp V6.

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The prototype has received a three-spoke steering wheel, a conventional six-speed manual transmission gearbox, a 12.3-inch digital cockpit and an infotainment multimedia system n. You can notice three additional scales (a reference to the 240Z) on the fascia. Air vents are placed on the doors: this solution is apparently borrowed from the 300ZX.

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It is expected that the production sports coupe will debut in 2021. According to unofficial data, the model will be released under the 400z name. Earlier, Nissan registered this name at the patent office. The main competitors of the new vehicle will be the Toyota Supra and the BMW Z4.

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