Nissan Ariya: All That Is Known

Unlike the Nissan Leaf, the new electric car is being developed on a universal platform. So, we are anticipating more electric cars from the company in the future.

Nissan unveiled its second electric vehicle — the Ariya — at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. It was only a concept at the time, but the car will be released soon. In contrast to the Nissan Leaf, the new model is built on a platform created specifically for EVs.

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This platform, known as the CMF-EV, will allow building cars of different classes. Like in the Nissan Leaf, the batteries are located underbody but the floor is flat here. Also, along with replacing the ICE with electric motors, Nissan’s designers have rethought the exterior of the new vehicle.

According to Design Director Giovanni Arroba, the Ariya has taken a lot from the concept – it looks neat and simple. Therefore, the exterior design is not overloaded with details: the sides are almost flat and there are a few decorative details. Also, the radiator grille has been replaced with a front-end bra, which contains a radar sensor and a camera.

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Such details as conventional rear-view mirrors instead of cameras, large 21-inch wheels, slim headlight design and a spectacularly sloped С-pillar draw great attention. With all this, the prototype looked as a conservatively styled car. According to Arroba, this was done on purpose, so that the car could be put into production immediately.

The same combination of new and classic can be seen inside. There is visually more space and the flat floor allows abandoning the massive console panel. But at the same time, Nissan is not too fond of futurism. As in most modern cars, there are a couple of horizontal displays but the number of touch screens has been reduced to a minimum. The steering wheel has remained the same as that of thу prototype. So drivers who want to feel the car's response through the steering wheel will be happy.

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Little is known about the powertrain of the future SUV. It will be equipped with two electric motors, but there is no information about their capacity or power. Also, Nissan’s next-generation ProPILOT 2.0 will actively assist to the driver on the road. The released date is also unknown, but the Ariya can be expected within a year. Given the characteristics of the platform, you should prepare for an abundance of future electric innovations from Nissan.

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