The 2021 Volkswagen Arteon Is Declassified Before Premiere

The 2021 Volkswagen Arteon with two body types will be presented to the public on June 24.

The upgraded Volkswagen Arteon was caught on spy cameras during road tests. Photos published by Carscoops show the prototype in a shooting brake body with minimal camouflage wrap.

2021 Volkswagen Arteon 2021 Volkswagen Arteon

Externally, the updated Arteon features a new radiator grille, headlights and redesigned air intakes. It is known that a new-generation multimedia system will be installed inside. The list of active security systems will be supplemented by Travel Assistant that is semi-automatic. This will allow the electronics to control the car independently while driving on the highway, as well as accelerate and slow down the car at speeds up to 210 km/h.

2021 Volkswagen Arteon 2021 Volkswagen Arteon

Also, the 2021 Volkswagen Arteon will be available in a top-end version with a 2.0-liter 333-hp turbocharged engine and an AWD drivetrain. The DSG transmission will work in conjunction with the motor. The dynamic characteristics of this modification are kept secret. All standard variants of the model available for the current Arteon will remain in the line-up.

2021 Volkswagen Arteon 2021 Volkswagen Arteon

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