The Best Chinese SUV Is Officially Presented

The EV in the style of Rolls-Royse will offer an abundance of digital displays and a 0-100 km/h time of about 4 seconds.

The new Hongqi EV of the FAW group will be a serial implementation of the E115 concept presented at last year's motor show in Germany. The model is called the Hongqi E-HS9.

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Thanks to photospies and a leak from the database of the Chinese Ministry of Industry, the design and specifications of the production EV were leaked online a few months after the premiere. In July 2020, the Hongqi E-HS9 was shown at one of the Chinese exhibitions. And now, the manufacturer has published official photos of the vehicle. It is going to be a flagship car of the brand’s line-up.

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Externally, the Hongqi e-HS9 almost completely repeats the E115 Show Car. If you don't count fashionable two-level LED headlights, the Chinese SUV looks similar to a Rolls-Royce model. This similarity is due to the former Rolls-Royce chief designer Gilles Taylor, who has been responsible for design of Hongqi’s cars since 2018.

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The front end of the new SUV features a fake radiator grille with vertical ribs surrounded on both sides by L-shaped DRL. Its taillights are visually connected to a single block by a special bar. The manufacturer offers two-color body paint, as well as 21- or 22-inch wheels to choose from.

Presumably, the new EV is based on a platform developed directly by the FAW group. The dimensions of the Hongqi E-HS9 are comparable to the Rolls-Royce Cullinan: length – 5,209 mm, width – 2,010 mm, height – 1,731 mm, wheelbase – 3,110 mm.

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As for the interior, the new model has something to please and surprise with. For example, there are four displays at once in the front, each of which performs its own function. The first is a digital dashboard, the second is an infotainment system, the third is the front passenger's personal tablet, and the fourth is used for climate control and other secondary systems. There are also screens available for rear-seat passengers. In addition, the first and second row seats can boast of ventilation and massage.

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It is already known that the new Hongqi EV will be available in two versions. The standard version will be equipped with a pair of 218-hp electric motors. The top-end one will get a 218-hp engine installed in the front and accompanied by another 333-hp rear unit. According to Chinese media, the new vehicle will receive a battery with a capacity of 92 kWh. There is no reliable information about its drive range. According to some data, it is about 500 km, but according to others — 600 km.

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The Hongqi E-HS9 is scheduled to be released in China at the end of this year. Its price tag, as well as more detailed specifications, will be announced later.

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