The Largest Toyota RAV4 Is Presented

Is it possible to make the new Toyota RAV4 SUV more practical and luxurious?

Of course, if you have extra metal and a little free time.

The Largest Toyota RAV4 Is Presented photo 2

The fifth-generation Toyota RAV4 SUV “went with a bang”. On this occasion, the company tries to warm up interest to its popular model. Toyota has showed the largest RAV 4 SUV.

Actually, it is a limousine. At the same time, it was built at one of the company's factories in Japan. It is even strange that some tuning studio did not hurry up and come up with something like this before. Employees of the company were engaged in this unusual project during their free time.

The Largest Toyota RAV4 Is Presented photo 3

The Toyota RAV4 is 80 cm longer (up to 5.4 m). There is an insert with a fake window in the center of the body, which is actually a hard opaque panel. But you cannot see it from the outside. The interior of the Toyota RAV 4 after an unusual engineering exercise has become much more spacious.

In addition, everything inside has been updated. There are a soft print with a checkerboard pattern on the fascia and small orange storage bins (that match the body color) for various small things.

The Largest Toyota RAV4 Is Presented photo 4

It is difficult to say whether Toyota plans to sell such a car. Probably not. On the other hand, useful developments can be used for a 7-seat RAV4, if the company has such a plan. Even though the specific prototype remained five-seat, there is definitely enough space inside for a couple of passengers.

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