The Most Functional SsangYong SUV Is Revealed

Sales of the 2021 SsangYong XLV SUV will begin before the end of 2020, but it is not yet known in which markets.

The SsangYong XLV is a stretched version of the Tivoli released in 2015. In the brand's domestic market, South Korea, the five-seat XLV is known as the Tivoli Air. In 2019, after the company had updated the standard SUV, bypassing the extended version, there were rumors that the manufacturer intended to abandon the XLV.

SsangYong XLV 2021 SsangYong XLV 2021

Besides, during last year, the SUV disappeared from the domestic market. And since April 2020, it has ceased to be delivered to other countries. The first rumors that the SsangYong XLV SUV was doing not so bad appeared in May. Then, photos of the camouflaged XLV/Air appeared on the Internet.

SsangYong XLV 2021 SsangYong XLV 2021

The pictures show the production version. The design of the front end repeats the standard 2020 SsangYong Tivoli, although the SUVs looked slightly different before that.

It is not yet known whether the XLV's dimensions have changed or not. The restyled Tivoli has grown in length by 23 mm to 4,225 mm, although the wheelbase has not changed and is still 2,600 mm. With the same wheelbase, the current XLV reaches a length of 4,400 mm.

Presumably, the 2021 SsangYong XLV’s interior will be updated according to the same scheme as that of the Tivoli. This means that it will be equipped with a digital cockpit, a new infotainment system and the same climate control unit.

SsangYong XLV 2021 SsangYong XLV 2021

The engine range, in all probability, will also be one for two models: a 1.5-liter 128-hp turbo petrol V4 and a 1.6-liter 136-hp turbo diesel unit. It is possible that the updated XLV will also receive a 1.2-liter 128-hp turbo petrol V3, which is installed in the standard Tivoli for the European market. All units will be combined with the previous 6-speed manual/automatic transmission. There are an AWD system and a FWD one.

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