The New Skoda: a Scala-Based ‘Bicycle’

Skoda has showed a new model that turned out to be the manufacturer’s most interesting car.

However, the company itself has a rather conditional attitude to the new vehicle.

The New Skoda: a Scala-Based ‘Bicycle’ photo 2

The Skoda Scala was the base for the unusual roadster — the Skoda Slavia. This was the name of the 1895 bicycle. The car itself is designed by Skoda Academy students in a single copy.

The New Skoda: a Scala-Based ‘Bicycle’ photo 3

The unusual «sports car» has got only the front end and doors from the original. The rear seats have disappeared, and the front ones have been replaced with racing bucket seats. There are now 20-inch wheels. The rear end features a neat spoiler and massive fairings behind two seats that extend to the trunk lid.

The New Skoda: a Scala-Based ‘Bicycle’ photo 4

The original front fascia is kept, but there is a new additional display with minor settings. The steering wheel of the 2020 Skoda Octavia looks great in this interior. There are also speakers of a 2250-watt audio system installed just behind the heads of the driver and passenger. That's a lot.

The New Skoda: a Scala-Based ‘Bicycle’ photo 5

It is clear that the designers of the unusual car tried not to go too deep into technical changes. So, not only have a 150-hp engine and a 7-speed DSG remained in place, but they had nothing to do with the platform either. Although, when you look in profile, you would like to see a shortened wheelbase and longer doors, of which there are only two.

The New Skoda: a Scala-Based ‘Bicycle’ photo 6

However, the Skoda Scala has never looked so unusual. As a rule, the achievements of Skoda Academy students do not reach the production stage. But in theory, the production incarnation of the Skoda Slavia could compete with the fairly successful Mazda MX-5.

The New Skoda: a Scala-Based ‘Bicycle’ photo 7The New Skoda: a Scala-Based ‘Bicycle’ photo 8

Perhaps, the Czech manufacturer will decide to continue the experiment and will be able to surprise us? Preferably with the same multi-colored illumination from the bottom. It is worth noting that the wheels also glow inside — cool, right?

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