Unkillable Battery and Smart Autopilot: BYD’s EV Goes to Europe

It seems that the most technological electric car in the world will be released in the near future. The new BYD Han EV is full of cool features.

Everyone understands that EVs will once wrap the planet with charging wires and will show what the best cars are. But no one expected the tech revolution to come from China. The new BYD Han EV is already moving to Europe.

Unkillable Battery and Smart Autopilot: BYD’s EV Goes to Europe photo 2

The build-up of the power reserve in this promising segment has been suspended for the time being. In addition, some manufacturers seem to have achieved more or less satisfactory figures. Nowadays, it is also difficult to surprise with a spectacular design, so BYD’s specialists have come from the other side.

Safety is a limiting factor for many buyers when choosing a new electric car. Certainly, airbags and Emergency Brake Assist are still in use. But the danger of fire and subsequent explosion in an accident justifiably scares many.

Not to mention the fact that modern electric cars can catch fire on charging and even during unplugged rest in the garage or parking lot. BYD’s engineers decided to do something about it. Therefore, the main selling feature of the cute Han EV is its technological battery.

It uses lithium-iron phosphate components. In addition to the fact that such a battery is potentially able to work more stable and longer than a lithium-ion battery, the unit is protected from physical impacts, strong shocks and heating. The battery can withstand up to 300°C. Obviously, the new BYD can be called one of the safest EVs of our time.

Unkillable Battery and Smart Autopilot: BYD’s EV Goes to Europe photo 3

That's not all. The main technical characteristics will be poorer, please be patient. The Chinese new product has received an intelligent complex of smart autopilot with Bosch components, also known as DiPilot. The system is able to learn by itself in order to demonstrate the most effective and safest operation. It is probably important, hard to say. We were much more impressed with the amazing battery.

By the way, the standard Han EV has a 65-kWh battery that is responsible for a 500-km drive range, the more expensive variants — a 77-kWh battery and a 550-km drive range. These cars are equipped with a single 222-hp electric motor. The flagman ‘monster’ features two engines with a power output of about 500 hp, a 0-100 km/h time of 3.9 seconds, and an almost 600-km drive range.

The manufacturer has announced its intention to sell BYD Han EVs at an estimated price of €45,000 to €55,000 in Europe. But the Chinese electric car will be released later. First of all, it will be sold in China in June.

Unkillable Battery and Smart Autopilot: BYD’s EV Goes to Europe photo 4

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