Volkswagen Declassifies Its New Nivus SUV

The manufacturer has showed what the new SUV, which may replace the Polo, will look like.

The future Volkswagen Nivus is clearly visible on the official photos. The only nuance is branded camouflage wrap vinyl, under which the manufacturer likes to hide cars. The new SUV coupe has received a smoother silhouette than, for example, the VW Atlas Cross Sport. The Volkswagen Nivus has got fully LED headlights. There is a spectacular radiator grille at the front, which you can not help but immediately pay attention to. A number of other design elements were borrowed from the Golf.

Volkswagen Nivus Volkswagen Nivus

The new model is based on the MQB platform. As for the engines, the car is only equipped with a 1.0-liter turbo petrol TSI engine, which produces 130 hp and 200 Nm. The AWD Nivus features a six-speed automatic transmission. A modification with a manual transmission was mentioned previously, but it is not specified yet whether it will appear or not.

Another interesting detail is a 415-liter trunk. For comparison, the Polo hatchback has a trunk volume of 285 liters.

The VW Nivus was designed by Volkswagen do Brasil. The car’s production facilities are also located in Brazil, which will consequently be the first market for the new Nivus. Sales start in June. The SUV will be sold in other Latin American countries by the end of this year. The model will be assembled in Europe in 2021, although the new car will probably be released under a different name there.

Volkswagen Declassifies Its New Nivus SUV photo 2

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