Volvo Is Preparing a Luxury Electric SUV

Polestar has told more about its off-road Polestar 3.

Volvo has opened a separate subsidiary, Polestar, for the production of electric vehicles. Following the release of the first two models and the demonstration of a prototype with an unusual design, this company announced the release of its first SUV. It is possible to notice a lot of similarities between the Polestar 3 and the futuristic Precept concept.

Volvo Is Preparing a Luxury Electric SUV photo 2

Polestar’s Head of Design Max Missoni has shared some details on the company’s first electric SUV. First of all, the Polester 3 has received the Precept’s SmartZone front fascia, which represents a transparent panel with two radar sensors and a high-resolution camera. The SUV will allegedly derive the new split «Thor's Hammer» LED headlight housings and rear light bar from the concept.

Speaking of interior design, the Polestar 3 will feature some technological innovations, such as a 15-inch portrait-oriented centre display and a 12.5-inch driver display, both running Google’s Android. According to Missoni, the main goal was to reach a new level of cooperation with Google. The Polestar will be available next year.

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