Toyota Is Left Without a New Car: Why the Premiere of a Compact SUV Is Canceled

The new Toyota SUV will not be presented yet.

The company has decided to postpone the premiere of its new compact model, so the presentation will take place a little later.

Toyota Is Left Without a New Car: Why the Premiere of a Compact SUV Is Canceled photo 2

Yes, the reason is the coronavirus. But it is not that simple. The cancellation of the Geneva International Motor Show, which could have been opened on the third day already, surprised everyone, but did not shock. In fact, the expo is held, but only online. And without Toyota.

The fact is that all the car manufacturers, who had planned to participate in the largest European automobile exhibition, held their own presentations on the Internet. We were shown a lot of new models, some of them were amazing.

Together with all the events held, we will definitely remember this year's Geneva International Motor Show. Toyota, however, decided to stay away from it. The main premiere of the Japanese company was to be a compact SUV built on the base of the Toyota Yaris. But the company decided not to hold an online presentation. Therefore, we will have to wait for a live debut, which may take place in a couple of weeks or months.

The new SUV will be the most compact in the brand's model range. The car will receive a hybrid, all-wheel drive modification, in which the rear wheels rotate by means of electric traction. Despite having some features of the Toyota Yaris, the new vehicle will not look exactly the same. We are looking forward to the premiere!

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