A 45-Year-Old Limousine Which Took Mercedes and Maybach 7 Years to Restore

Sometimes owners of exclusive cars want even more of what they already have. In this regard, they turn to tuners that bring cars to perfection, complementing them with modern equipment.

However, the owner of this Mercedes W100 limousine took a different path. He applied directly to Mercedes-Benz with an order to redesign his car. The company turned to Maybach’s engineers and only together they were able to meet the customer's requirements.

A 45-Year-Old Limousine Which Took Mercedes and Maybach 7 Years to Restore photo 2

Work on this one-of-a-kind Mercedes 600 Pullman Maybach W100 began in 2007, despite the fact that the car itself was released back in 1975. Just think, at the time of modification, it was already over 30 years old. The two car companies, that clearly know a lot about building luxury cars, had been working hard for 7 years before the car was finally presented to its owner in 2014.

The total budget of the work performed exceeded €3 million. The entire preparatory process was carefully controlled by Mercedes-Benz Classic, which not only ensured that the original parts of the W100 were preserved but also supplied with spare ones if necessary. The car still runs on its original engine, which is paired with the original 4-speed automatic gearbox. The rest of the equipment includes: air conditioning with climate control for front and rear passengers, an automatic trunk lid, Becker Grand-Prix Stereo, Bluetooth connectivity, front and rear cameras, central locking, cruise control, Dolby Surround Trickle System, A/C, front and rear extendable DVD screens, a DVD player, electrically adjustable rear seats, additional reading lamps, a rear blind, a set of original tools in a leather bag. In addition, the limousine is equipped with a refrigerator, air suspension, a dimming sunroof straight from the Maybach parts bin, a minibar, and much more.

The owner intends to get €2,600,000 for the exclusive car. The limousine has a mileage of a little more than 1000 km.

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