This Retro Alfa Romeo Is a 525-HP EV Now

After the work of Italian craftsmen, only 10% of the original Alfa Romeo GT Junior 1300 has been preserved.

Totem Automobili decided to take the classic sports car as a basis and make it a modern electric car. According to the project, the coupe had to be completely redesigned. All body panels were replaced with carbon fiber elements, and an electric motor took the place of the traditional ICE.

This Retro Alfa Romeo Is a 525-HP EV Now photo 2

The unit's output is 525 hp and 940 Nm. A 0-100 km/h time is 3.4 seconds. The restomod's drive range is 320 km. This range, according to the calculations, is provided by a 50.4-kWh battery, which weighs 350 kg. Such a significant weight gain was compensated with a light carbon fiber body.

This Retro Alfa Romeo Is a 525-HP EV Now photo 3

The replacement of the powertrain led to a redesign of the suspension. Now the front end features a McPherson front suspension with Bilstein shocks and springs. The model also boasts an aluminum multilink rear and a new subframe, on which the electric motor is installed. The tuner also produced custom 17-inch forged wheels. In the interior, there will be two 3.5-inch displays, replacing the usual analog devices. The company offers air conditioning, an air suspension and Brembo brakes for extra charge.

The date of the full premiere and the cost of the completely modified Alfa Romeo GT Junior 1300 have not been announced yet. It was initially planned to show the car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, but the event was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This Retro Alfa Romeo Is a 525-HP EV Now photo 4

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