The TOGG C-SUV boasts "the largest wheelbase in the segment" (2800 mm), a 500-km drive range and a choice of powertrain: 200 hp and a rear-wheel drive transmission or 400 hp and an all-wheel drive transmission. In the first case, the car accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 7.6 seconds, in the second — in 4.8 seconds.

Electric crossover TOGGTOGG C-SUV
 photo 2TOGG C-SUV
 photo 3TOGG C-SUV
 photo 4TOGG C-SUV
 photo 5TOGG C-SUV
 photo 6Electric crossover TOGGElectric crossover TOGGTOGG C-SUV
 photo 7TOGG C-SUV
 photo 8TOGG C-SUV
 photo 9TOGG C-SUV
 photo 10TOGG C-SUV
 photo 11TOGG C-SUV
 photo 12TOGG C-SUV
 photo 13TOGG C-SUV
 photo 14TOGG C-SUV
 photo 15Electric crossover TOGG

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