A Blogger Quickly and Effectively Paints a Honda Civic with Water

Popular YouTube blogger Marko decided to try out the hydro dipping technology on his car. To do this, he specifically purchased a used Honda Civic for $5,000.

It seems that everything necessary for the experiment was there – the car had been already purchased, but there were a couple of nuances: a pool, paint and a crane with which the car would be lowered into the water. The author of the video planned to solve the first and second issues by going to a shop, but they just did not have a pool big enough.

It was decided to use a huge open-top container. It was sealed with a thick film and fixed with tape, and then the “pool” was filled with water. The next step was to prepare the car. The sedan's headlights were also taped over and the body was painted basic white. The final version of the color should have looked more bright and presentable on white surface.

After everything was ready, the blogger called his friends and acquaintances to help from, because after loading the car into the water, he needed someone to spray paint. With the help of a construction crane, the Honda Civic slowly began to be submerged in water, while paint was simultaneously being sprayed on it. When the car was put down on the ground, it already had a unique pink-blue color. It is worth noting that Marko had painted wheel rims in advance using the same technology.

In general, the experiment can be called successful: the body color turned out to be very interesting and unique.