BMW 3 Series E46 Pickup Spotted at Nurburgring

After the resumption of track days, tourists began to come to the Nurburgring again. One of them came at the wheel of a very unusual car — a BMW E46 Pickup.

BMW released several pickups based on the 3-Series. However, this option was not available to buyers specifically in the era of the E46. Apparently, some enthusiasts, who drove a BMW E46 Pickup at the Nurburgring, decided to correct this situation.

It should be reminded that the BMW E46 was sold in five different bodies. We are speaking about a standard sedan, a station wagon, a three-door compact 3-Series model unloved by many, as well as a coupe and a convertible. It seems that this unique BMW was based on a coupe.

On the way to the pickup, the car clearly went through more than one modification. In addition to the cutout in the rear panel behind the seats to fit a window, the car features four exhaust pipes.

The most interesting thing is the car’s open cargo area. In addition to quite decent dimensions, the tailgate looks quite functional. Unfortunately, the history of this car creation is covered with mystery, so we can only speculate from where such a car could appear.

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