These Electric Snow Sleds Have a Top Speed of 45 km/h

Where is the snow to test such a sled? In the Austrian mountains.

The Bobsla is an electric snow sled designed for entertainment and racing. The Bobsla is equipped with replaceable batteries, work up to 4 hours and charges for about 2 hours.

Bobsla is an Austrian startup company, which won a couple of awards from Startup Village and Startup Live last year. These awards helped the company to find its first customers. To try out a Bobsla sled, you have to visit the ski village of Obergurgl in the Tyrolean Alps and pay €20 for 15 minutes of sledding.

The Bobsla reaches a top speed of 45 km/h on a flat surface. The sled is equipped with a pair of treads and is controlled by two handles.

Now Bobsla is working on the second model of such a vehicle but for sledding on grass in summer.

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