Goat Takes Over Police Car and Attacks Officer

A village goat snuck into a police car and regaled itself with important documents, then butted a police officer so that she ended up on the ground.

Animals are quite unpredictable; you don't have to rely on their adequacy in a given situation. From time to time, funny videos appear online, the main characters of which are both wild and domestic animals. Take, for example, a goat. When combined with a police car, the content is first-class.

This horned animal made a real fight. And the goat fought with none other than a police officer who was performing an official task. While the deputy moved away from the car, the animal made its way into the vehicle in order to eat important documents lying on the front seat.

The officer managed to push the cheeky goat out of the car. Then she tried to take the remains of the papers from the animal, which it continued to chew. Protecting its prey, the opponent butted the deputy with such force that she fell to the ground. However, at the last second, she still managed to take the document from the animal.

Alas, despite the video, Georgia Sheriff’s deputy had to write an explanation about the “unequal battle” in which she lost important papers. It is not reported whether the owners of the animal will be punished for leaving it without supervision.