These Infinity Mirror Taillights Fascinate and Hypnotize

Steve Molans works in light installation services, signage business and furniture design. Though, his main income comes from light installations with optical illusions. Once it occurred to him to upgrade his Nissan Skyline’s lights.

In the video description, the craftsman says that the taillight set consists of mirrors, colored LEDs and a BlueGhozt module, which allows you to create a sound-and-light show. The car’s headlights also feature optical and visual effects. In addition, the steering wheel and interior are illuminated. The designer explains that he wanted to show his level and quality of performance in the video. Well, you have something worth watching here.

The Infinite Mirror consists of two or more parallel mirrors that are used to create a series of smaller reflections, forming the infinity optical effect. You can control the lights, as well as the Skyline’s rear spoiler, remotely, using a custom modded Nintendo controller.

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