Racing Car Goes Round Corner on Its Rear Wheels and Takes Off

The incident occurred during the Cividale-Castelmonte hill climb competition.

Italian driver Diego De Gasperi made a spectacular turn during the Cividale-Castelmonte hill climb competition. His prototype Osella FA30 took off, leaving the front wheels off the ground, knocked down the camera mounted on the bump, but still managed to return to the track.

The video shows Diego De Gasperi's car lifting off the ground and losing control. The prototype goes round the corner on its rear wheels, hits a bump, and returns to the track. A small mistake could have cost the Italian driver the car. However, it all worked out, and De Gasperi even finished the race in fourth overall.

The Osella FA30 is a carbon fiber monocoque that has fiberglass exterior panels, double wishbone suspension with pushrods at the front and rear ends, and a huge two-meter wing on aluminum brackets. The car is powered by a 3.0-liter V8 Zytek engine with more than 450 hp, which comes with a six-speed Sadev sequential gearbox.

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