This Tesla Model 3 Growls like a Lamborghini

The Tesla owner from the UK decided to make his EV look like a sports car. However, the changes made by him do not concern the car’s appearance at all. It is about an exhaust system modification. The owner wanted his Tesla Model 3 to sound like a Lamborghini. It was for this purpose that he equipped the electric car with a custom-made system that simulates the sound of a Lamborghini engine. You can make the car emit a harsh “growl” using a smartphone. You can also choose between different sound files, e.g. throttling. In addition, if desired, you can create a unique «voice» for your car.

A generator developed by Milltek outputs sounds of various engines to external speakers. The owner says that thanks to this modification, he actually feels like sitting in an expensive supercar while driving his Tesla Model 3. In addition, the modification can be considered not just as another whim of the owner. Legislation in a number of countries requires equipping EVs with acoustic systems. This applies to situations when an EV is moving at a speed of more than 30 km/h or when driving in reverse.

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