Look at This Wooden Toyota Land Cruiser

In the face of the pandemic, the world has practically stopped. Many people are used to spending time usefully, for example, reading or doing creative work. So, this Vietnamese woodworker and part-time author of the YouTube channel Woodworking Art decided to make a scale model of the iconic Toyota Land Cruiser out of wood. There are many cars and animal figurines in his collection, but the video of creating the Japanese SUV has collected 19 million views in a week.

To create the wooden Land Cruiser, the craftsman needed only one board, which he cut into several pieces. Each of them turned into one of the model components. Primarily, the craftsman made work pieces, assembled the frame, and then refined every detail. He is skilled with chisels; the set of tools at his disposal is simply huge.

The car gradually began to take its usual shape. Small parts and components were cut out, and then perfectly polished. The latter made it possible to remove small hooks and make the car body streamlined. Despite the fact that the car is completely made of wood, the doors, hood and trunk can be opened. The wheels are also able to spin and turn. In addition, the tires show a masterfully applied tread pattern. The final touch is the stickers on the lights and reflectors. They make the wooden model truly realistic.

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