An Impressive Sight: Tesla's Newest Autopilot Is Tested

One of the main features of Tesla EVs is their autopilot system. The company regularly updates it, bringing to perfection. The latest generation of the autopilot has already passed a number of tests on deserted roads and easy routes. And now, the test-taker has been brought to a difficult section of road.

The route was entered into the autopilot system in advance. Despite this fact, it could not always cope with the task, so a driver had to adjust its actions and interfere with the control system. Otherwise, actions of the autopilot could have provoked a dangerous situation.

The autopilot had difficulties in several situations. One of them was detected at the exit to a winding road with complex markings. In particular, the system brought the EV very close to the median strip and did not slow down. If the driver had not intervened in a timely manner, the autopilot would have brought the car to the oncoming traffic.

At the same time, Tesla CEO Elon Musk continues to assure the safety of the autopilot. As an argument, he cites the fact that he uses the autonomous driving system on a daily basis and it has never failed him yet. However, after the test of the newest L5 autopilot, he sent the system for revision, after which he will again bring it to the test.

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