Tesla Is Thought to Be the Cause of a Large-Scale Fire in Norway

More than 300 vehicles were completely destroyed by fire, and the same number of cars has damage of varying severity. The flames even reached the airfield.

The other day, a huge fire broke out in a parking garage at Stavanger Airport in Norway. It was being fought for 8 hours. Hundreds of cars and even planes were damaged in the disaster. The investigation into the causes of the accident has yielded an unexpected result.

Norway is known as the leader in the number of electric cars among other European countries. Therefore, it was quite logical to assume that one of them was the cause of the fire – this had already happened several times before. This assumption was spread by the local press and then by international media. However, it turned out that the overheated batteries of a Tesla or another EV should not have been blamed, but a 2005 diesel Opel Zafira should have. Full details about the cause of the fire are not yet available.

Citing information from the emergency services, local media has reported that there were 1.611 cars in a five-story parking garage at the airport during the fire. Given the number of electric cars in the country, it can be assumed that a significant part of the cars in the parking garage also had batteries. Therefore, fire-fighting was extremely difficult. Moreover, firefighters said that the elevator was not equipped with emergency fire sprinklers, which also complicated the situation. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

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