More Than Three Dozen Cars Have Fallen Through the Ice

Fishermen left their cars on the ice but it did not hold.

About 35 cars have fallen through the ice on Russky Island, 40 km from Vladivostok (the Russian Far East). Their owners were fishermen, who left them on the ice in Voyevoda Bay. The cars were lined up at the shore and the ice was thick enough. However, it still could not hold such weight and the cars sank in the water.

Some cars were quite expensive: Land Cruisers, X-Trails, Outlanders, and the like. Tow trucks are trying to pull cars out of the water. It will cost the owners from 40.000 rubles for each vehicle (about $650). However, it will be difficult to repair and sell a car sunk in salt water; it will only be used for spare parts.

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