Toyota GR Supra: Nordschleife Lap Test

Driver Christian Gebhardt has tested a Toyota GR Supra on the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife in Germany.

The new version of the legendary Supra has been tested on the North Loop. Test Driver Christian Gebhardt was at the wheel of the car. He managed to set a lap of 7:52.17. An on-board video of the test is available on YouTube.

How fast is the new Supra compared to other sports cars? Earlier, Gebhardt set a lap of 7:52.36 for the Nordschleife in his BMW M2 Competition. At the same time, it took him 8 minutes 4 seconds to complete the same circuit in a Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR.

The new Toyota Supra was introduced this year, although information about the model had been leaked before this. The new car is the fifth generation of the model (the first four were produced by Toyota between 1978 and 2002).

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