Tesla's Rival Is Tested

Yesterday Lucid Motors posted a video, in which the company’s Air prototype was tested. The car’s top-end configuration will get a 1000-hp powertrain.

Lucid Motors has been developing the Air for quite some time. The production electric car is due to make its debut at the New York International Auto Show in April 2020.

Yesterday Lucid Motors posted an epic video of its Air Beta Prototype tested at three different sites. As part of the tests, the car's steering was calibrated and its powertrain was also checked.

It was reported that the basic configuration will get a 406-hp electric engine with a drive range of 386 km; the top-end model will be equipped with two electric motors with a total power output 1000 hp and a drive range of 507-644 km. Moreover, Lucid Motors’ CTO Peter Rawlinson has recently revealed that the car will receive a 900-volt battery pack.

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