The Fastest Ferrari to Become Even Cooler

This hardcore modification of the Ferrari 812 was seen in Maranello during test runs. We are expecting a cooler version of the fastest production Ferrari.

Despite the current situation in the automotive industry and market this year, Ferrari will still show the planned new products. We are talking about two new models at once. One of them will be an open-top version of the SF90, but the second model is still unknown. According to one version, the new vehicle will be hybrid, while the second one says that it is the car shown in the video below. It was captured near the Ferrari HQs in Maranello.

The prototype of the Ferrari 812 Superfast differs from the familiar production supercar in a rear diffuser and a different sound of the 6.5-liter engine. We can assume that it was boosted to 840 hp (+40 hp). At the same time, the car weights less. This was supposed to maximize the already impressive dynamic performance: a 0-100 km/h time is the 2.9 seconds.

A new roadster is also expected, although it has not been officially confirmed yet. According to some data, the open-top 812 will be named the 812 GTO, according to others – the 812 VS.

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