Turkish Flying Vehicle Able to Fly Up to 10 Meters

Potentially, the Cezer can rise 2000 m above the ground.

Turkish-based Baykar has published some materials from the tests of its flying Cezeri. During its first flight, the 230-kg vehicle was able to rise 10 m above the ground. The company says that the vehicle is designed for 2,000-m flights.

Baykar has conducted the first successful flight: the Cezeri could fly thanks to 8 electric motors. The first flights were performed with the use of a safety cable, which was later unfastened providing the flying vehicle some freedom. At the moment, the car accommodates only one passenger, but their number will be increased in the future. The manufacturer may release a cargo variant of its flying vehicle intended, among other things, for delivery services.

The Cezeri is potentially able to rise up to 2,000 m into the sky, to reach about 100 km/h and to pass 70-80 km.

Baykar develops and assembles drones, including those used for military purposes. However, there are examples when non-core companies and automakers are engaged in development of flying vehicles. At the beginning of 2020, Porsche filed a patent for a flying EV with vertical take-off. According to the patent, the vehicle may feature 4 propellers, 2 of which are responsible for maneuverability, and 2 more provide vertical landing and takeoff.

Toyota that has already invested almost $400 m in a flying taxi is also moving in a similar direction. The flying taxi project is being developed by Joby Aviation and represents a 4-seat aircraft: it can accelerate to 322 km/h and fly 241 km on a single charge.

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